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Request for clarification regarding providing for G*****
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Sun, Aug 10 2014 11:15:19 am

G***** has informed me that you will not permit him to receive a 
replacement PS4 for the one which he lost on his most recent flight back 
from Vancouver, for the reason that it is not fair to Sage because Sage 
doesn't have one.  Bearing in mind that PS4 I gave him previously was a 
birthday present and was stolen from his luggage, is it really fair that 
he not be permitted to receive a replacement (either from me or from the 

May you also clearly define for me, what I am permitted by you, to 
provide for G*****?  Being that you have complete authority in these 
matters and may, if you choose, take any of G*****'s property and 
redistribute them to your other child - or take them away and dispose of 
them as you wish, I would like to avoid spending money on things which 
you are going to give to your other child (to whom I have no moral, 
ethical, or legal obligation; and for whom it is neither mine nor 
G*****'s fault that his father does not provide for him).

Also, I would like to make it completely clear to G***** (and to the 
other readers of this message), that I have not refused or failed to 
provide ANYTHING for G*****, but rather, you have, and continue to, 
refuse to allow me to provide things for him.

In the interest of full diclosure, I have CC'd G*****, and BCC'd all 
other relevant parties on this email.  I request that you respond 
appropriately, else it be deemed a refusal to cooperate in G*****'s