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Usage graphs and access statistics
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Thu, Jul 24 2014 7:45:54 am

As promised, here are the usage graphs for the site, showing the spikes 
which follow each time something was published about you. The graphs are 
generated automatically by the hosting provider.

You probably think I'm making the whole thing up, as if I have that much 
time to kill.  If I did have that much free time I think I'd spend it 
uploading the audio recordings of our family court hearings, or scanning 
and uploading the court documents and transcripts, or generally 
imrpoving the overall presentation.

You'll notice from the generally low access numbers that, generally, 
people don't care about you, but whenever they get a reminder of your 
existence then they gotta check it out - perhaps for a good laugh or to 
see how the other half lives (do you notice people looking down their 
noses at you since late January?).

And to further support my "theory" that your "friends" will be nice to 
your face while talking shit behind your back, consider: I have not 
received a single critical email.  Not one of your supposed supporters 
has bothered to chastise me for being such a prick. That's how much your 
friends and coworkers care about you.

A quick scan of the log reports shows the following are some of the most 
frequently accessed URLs:
/media/pictures/IMG_0086.JPG (the picture of you in bed)

There also seems to be a lot of interest in the pictures of your bedroom.

But as you say, you don't actually read my emails anymore so you're not 
reading any of this.

If I ever find the time, I'm thinking about adding a page where your 
"friends" can post comments.  I'm also thinking about posting the 
supportive responses I've received from your "friends" referring to you 
as a "monster", "shameless", "a child", et cetera...if memory serves 
correctly, I believe one even referred to you as "disgusting" and 
"giving single mothers a bad name".  But I wouldn't want to cause 
problems for them or betray their annonymity.