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Impossible for us to communicate
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Wed, Jul 23 2014 8:24:01 pm

Why do you keep saying I'm making it impossible for us to communicate?  
I'm only doing the exactly same things you've done to me in the past 
(only I'm doing them much more effectively).  You're the one that yells 
and tries to insult me and hangs up on me.  I've always remained calm 
and allowed you to make your point (though you usually fail to make any 
coherent point anyway).

Why do you think it's okay for you to do something (and justify it by 
saying you were just doing your duty as a patriotic citizen) but when I 
do the same thing back to you it's somehow wrong?

You're so fucked up in the head.