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Your declaration
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Wed, Jul 23 2014 8:20:28 pm
So, out of curiosity, I had a look at the exhibits you've attached and 
the complaints you're whining about.

It seems that what you're complaining about is that I disseminated, to 
your colleagues, information and evidence about you and your activities 
which you falsely believe is private or confidential. So, you don't see 
the problem as that you've done those things which I've published - the 
problem is that I've published them?

And there is no such thing as a "private" picture.  A subject of the US, 
while in the US, only has an expectation of privacy from the government 
- not from other non-governmental members of society. Moreover, the 
moment you put pictures onto G*****'s phone or allowed him to take 
pictures of you with his phone you forfeited any claim to privacy with 
respect to those pictures.  Don't you know ANYTHING about the law?

but, I see that Detective Tuchfarber's email address is here so I'll 
contact him about that report.  Thanks for providing that.  Best part 
is: under Arizona law he cannot even refuse to provide it to me - I can 
even tell him I intend to post it to your web site.  That is the beauty 
of the public records laws:).

I'd also like to point out that all of your claims that I did such and 
such, in your declaration, are all unfounded.  There is no evidence that 
I have anything to do with or any of the emails that 
have been sent to your associates.

G*****'s Facebook account was never "his".  I've always been the one 
maintaining it.  So your statement in paragraph 6 is incorrect. I still 
have access to your Facebook account.  It's not hard to get around that.

Regarding paragraph 7: you discontinued communication with me because 
you saw that everything you've ever said to me had been posted to the 
internet and you now looked like an idiot in front of everyone - 
including your co-workers.

Regarding paragraph 11: the recipient list of any emails sent out was 
not obtained from your LinkedIn account.  The list contains about 1200 
recipients.  That's a hell of a lot more connections than you have/had.  
It contains hundreds of people that work ar Apollo and UoP, many 
recruiters in the Phoenix area, many people that subscribe to Oracle 
related mailing lists, among others.  But again, I neither admit nor 
deny having any direct involvment in any of that.  I just know about it.

Regarding paragraph 13: I didn't try to make you look racist - you made 
yourself look racist by making the statement.

Regarding paragraph 14: a defamatory statement is one which is NOT true.

Regarding paragraph 16: I believe you're incorrect that most of your 
coworkers are just deleting the emails they receive.

Regarding circumscision: you're incorrect about having a say in the 
matter.  The court expressly ordered each of us to respect the other's 
religious beliefs.  It is a religious rite - therefore, unless you have 
an order from the court prohibiting it then you really have no say.

Regarding paragraph 23: there is no reason you could not have called 
G***** on the land line.  The only reason you did not speak with him 
while he was here is because you really didn't care to and he really 
didn't care to speak to you.

Regarding paragraph 31: US courts and law enforcement have no authority 
over me as long as I'm not in the US - thanks to you:). Even if you were 
able to secure a court order for godaddy to take down the current site 
(which is highly unlikely because nothing on the site is defamatory or 
libelous) it would just be a matter of moving the hosting to another 
provider...or just hosting it on my own server right here in my living 
room.  Either way, the 1st Amendment guarantees me the right to say 
whatever I want about you.

So, now I can say with certainty: no one point in your declaration had 
anything to do with G*****'s wellbeing.  The entire thing was all about