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Request for status update
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Wed, Jul 23 2014 9:47:19 am
Hello Desiree!

It has been a little over a year and a half now, since you filed your 
false report against me with ICE, claiming I was an illegal alien (from 
Canada) so that I would be arrested and deported, and you could force 
the family court to grant you custody of our 13 year old son by 
default.  The son, I remind you, that you abandoned when he was a year 
and a half old so you could run back to Florida to be with your 
ex-boyfriend, whom you then married (while still being married to me).  
The son that I raised from the age of 18 months without any contact from 

As I've always maintained, one of the most important duties of a parent 
is to teach their child about life in order to prepare them to go on 
their own.  So, I ask you, after a year and a half of having custody of 
G*****, what have you taught him?

During the past year I have:
- provided him a credit card for financial support (clothing, medical 
care, school supplies) because you refused to accept any financial 
support from me for him;
- when he came to visit in December he and I opened a checking and a 
savings account in his name - into which I've been depositing $100 a 
week on the condition that he put at least 10% into his savings account, 
and that he must pay his own cellular bill each month and pay for his 
own video games, et cetera - to teach him financial responsibility;
- I've loaned him extra money to buy a couple of things he wanted - to 
teach him why borrowing and credit are bad, and the importance of not 
over-extending his credit;
- I've gotten him a bicycle and taught him to ride it;
- I've taught him why it's bad to be and to associate with trashy 
people, and some of the mannerisms to watch for to tell that someone is 
- I've taught him the importance of always being honorable and 
conducting himself with dignity;
- I've taught him why it's bad for him to lie to people in order to 
protect you (because then the other people in his life will lose trust 
in him);
- I've taught him to be proactive about things and not rely on other 
people unless absolutely necessary.

And that's just in the 9 weeks he's been with me since December.

I've spoken with him about what kinds of things you've been teaching 
him.  He says that you frequently try to convince him that marijuana is 
good because it's natural (though, so is herion and cocaine, so I fail 
to see your logic); he says that you tell him that eventually he'll 
learn to appreciate and even like the smell of marijuana; he says that 
you've told him that as long as you drink water while you consume 
alcohol you won't get drunk.  So that's how you're preparing him for life?

And, for all the 1200 or so people that have been BCC'd this message, I 
wonder if you've told them about:
- how you showed up in LA in 2011 after not being in G*****'s life for 
9 years and took him, against his will, to Arizona and tried to get 
emergency custody of him by telling the court that I "hid" him from you 
for those 9 years (a claim which has been proven false);
- that you were living with and engaged to a meth user (Kristopher 
Lauchner) who actually took G***** and Sage with him to Walmart to pass 
counterfeit currency resulting in his arrest while the kids were with him;
- that you adamantly defended Kris's actions and insisted he was the 
best man you've ever known;
- that you and Kris are white supremists and keep Nazi propaganda in 
your home (like the dagger with the swastika on the handle), while your 
Jewish son (G*****) was being forced to stay in that same home;
- that you knew that Kris was hiding the stolen AR-15 in your home but 
did nothing about it until the Glendale police arrested him and executed 
a search warrant on the home, in the presense of your child;
- that you have contacted people that might know me (e.g. the person you 
thought was my father, and my rabbi) and told them false statements to 
try to turn them against me;
- that G***** still doesn't want to be with you and wants to return to 
me, but you don't care because you believe it's not fair to YOU.

Since you've decided to stop all communication around the time your web 
site was set up and all your emails to me have been made public, I'm 
BCC'ing this message to all of the recipients that may be associated 
with you.

To all the parties in the BCC list: if you do not wish to receive these 
messages, take it up with:
Desiree Yvonne Capuano (nee Tomlin)
Mobile: 480-455-2086
Home: 480-361-1650
13820 S. 44th Street, #1244
Phoenix, AZ  85044

Good day, Desiree.