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Waiver of rights
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Mon, Jul 21 2014 2:42:14 pm

I just want to make sure you understand that G***** did not tell me 
that he wants to stay with you - in fact, he has been adamant that he 
still wants to return to me.  I just spoke with him to let him know it's 
done and that from this point you have complete authority in all matters 
pertaining to him.  I have been telling him for months that I was 
planning on doing that, so he shouldn't have been surprised - but still, 
he seemed a little taken aback.

I also want to be clear that this is not a surrender on my part.  I have 
not given in or given up (on anything).  That family court case was 
getting in my way and had become a nuissance, so it had to be severed so 
I could proceed with my plans.  If you think I'm just talking out of 
pride (or out of my ass), please consider: I stated to the court that I 
"WANTED" you to have complete authority - not that I was okay with it or 
that I accepted it.  I explicitly stated "WANTED", so that the court 
would have no choice but to grant the request - unless you objected.  
Which, of course, you wouldn't, because you're an idiot and you have no 
idea when you're being played (probably due to your narcissism).

Cheers!  I'm sure we'll be seeing each other soon.