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On this page I've compiled some useful and interesting information and links about my most recent employer, Apollo Education Group - the owner of the University of Phoenix. Enjoy!

I worked at Apollo Group From 2008 through 2015. I also got my bachelors degree in "IT", or some silly shit, from the University of Phoenix, while working there. Interestingly, though, my profile on Vitae (www.chroniclevitae.com) makes no reference to me attending University of Phoenix. It's not that I created the profile prior to attending, because it lists my last position as "Change Analyst" until 9/2015, and currently "unemployed".

Fired for Getting High at Work, or Laid Off?

According to sources within Apollo Group, I was fired on September 29, 2015 for getting high at work, being unreliable, frequently missing work, and for just generally being difficult to work with. All of which are very common characteristics of a chronic drug user.

If you ask me, though, I will claim I was laid off, received a severance package, and remain re-hirable. That's interesting because no one at Apollo Group is willing to give me a positive reference, and according to people I worked with and reported to there is no way they would want to work with me again.

Most likely, due to Arizona law not allowing employers to discipline an employee's marijuana use if they have a medical marijuana card, the supposed layoff was probably just a convenient excuse to finally get rid of me without worrying about a potential law suit.

Moving Forward - Potential Future Employers

Although I no longer work at Apollo Group, I believe it prudent to keep this page up so that any potential, future employers can get a glimps of what to expect if they were to hire me.

University of Phoenix Links

If you're thinking of attending the University of Phoenix, or working for Apollo Group, here are some links you may find helpful.

If you've ever wanted to get a bachelors degree but thought you weren't smart enough, or just couldn't find the time between bong rips, well, University of Phoenix is the perfect school. As long as you can pay the tuition you'll get your degree. And, if you do like a lot of UoP students and drop out part way through, that's okay too. As long as your tuition is paid first.

You're degree from UoP won't mean sqaut to any decent employer, but that doesn't matter because if you were really serious about your career then you probably wouldn't be thinking of the University of Phoenix anyway.