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Desiree Capuano & James Pendleton
250 E. Placita Lago Del Mago
Sahuarita, AZ     85629
Tel: 520-288-8200

Welcome to the Desiree Capuano Website!

The goal of this website is to increase awareness of Desiree Capuano, by informing the public of the atrocious, the despicable, and the downright evil things Desiree has done.

We hope that by publishing the truth, together with hard proof (e.g. police reports, court testimony, recordings) of the countless horrendous acts Desiree has been committing all her life, we may help others to avoid being manipulated, exploited and harmed by this seemingly charming and sweet sociopath.


Desiree relies, extensively, on her ability to gain people's pity. You may have seen her on the news, back in February 2016, tearfully talking about how this website and it's creator - her ex-husband - have been ruining her life. Following those TV interviews, literally thousands of people rushed to give her their support.

But, what you probably didn't know is that the very next day, Desiree did a live interview on a Montreal radio show, laughing and joking about how her ex-husband and this little website have actually had very little affect on her (Aaron Rand radio interview, 2016-02-19 ).

The Goals of this Website

As we said, our hope is that by informing the public, and in particular, those who live and work near Desiree, those who may come into contact with Desiree, and those who may consider employing Desiree, of who this monster of a woman really is - behind her sweet, charming façade - her ability to continue to manipulate and harm innocent and unsuspecting people may be diminished.

This site contains extensive allegations against Desiree, including that she is a white supremacist, child abuser, and drug addict. Desiree passionately insists that it's all lies, that nothing on this website is true. However, you will find that all of the allegations against Desiree are supported by extensive, irrefutable evidence - police reports, her sworn testimony in various courts, audio recordings of her own statements, her own emails, photographs!

What's On This Website?

You will find, among the pages of this website, extensive information detailing many of the offensive things Desiree Capuano has done over the years - along with unquestionable proof.

  • The Blogs Section - Here you will find many posts discussing specific events relating to Desiree and her history of lies, manipulation, deceit, drug abuse, et cetera. Supporting evidence is always included when it is available.
  • The Mail Section - Contains every email between Desiree and her ex-husband, Patrick. Desiree's emails are an excellent source of proof of her delusional sociopathy, narcissism, and compulsive lying.
  • The Legal Section - Contains every document filed with the courts where Desiree has had cases. These documents are an excellent source of proof of the extent of Desiree's compulsive lying - she very frequently contradicts herself from one document or hearing, to the next. This area is still being updated as case files arrive.
  • Police Reports - The legal section also contains a large collection of the many police reports on Desiree. A police report, by itself, is not necessarily an indication that someone is a bad person, but if there are this many reports on you, and your various fiancés and husbands, spanning a duration of 17 years, 4 different states and 2 countries...well, you're probably a major fuck up - and a really bad person!
  • The Pictures Section - Contains an assortment of pictures and photographs of Desiree, her home, her son, Sage, her current and some previous fiancées, husbands, et cetera. This is an invaluable resource for someone who wants to better understand who this person really is.
  • The Background / History Page - Provides the complete, chronological background on all the bullshit between Desiree and Patrick. If you're wondering how a person gets to the point that they'd go through all the effort of creating and maintaining a website like this - that page should answer all your questions.

And, there's a bunch of other shit here, as well. Feel free to browse around, watch the videos, look at the photos, read the court documents, police reports and emails.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to let us know at